Scalable, Flexible Information Architecture – Arquitectura de Información flexible y escalable

Obviously, thinking through how the information is going to be distributed is important for your site, but with publishing sites it’s particularly important to consider ways that you can structure the site to help your company for the fact that:

  • They’ll likely be adding several pieces of content per day/week
  • Much of that content will often be very time-sensitive
  • The aggregate of that content will often drive significantly more organic search traffic than any of their static category pages (and even the site’s home page)

As a result, you’ll want to identify different ways to pull archived content closer to (as in: fewer clicks away from) the site’s home page (which conserves most of the link equity); and, you’ll also want to find a way to get more link equity to newer pages.

Claro está que es muy importante pensar en cómo se distribuye la información en su sitio web, pero al momento de publicar en tu sitio es particularmente importante considerar la forma en que puedes estructurar el sitio para que ayudes a tu compañía ya que:

  • A los dueños de las empresas les agrada agregar bastante contenido por día o semana
  • La mayoría del contenido debe ser colocado en tu sitio en tiempos precisos
  • Generalmente al agregar contenido obtendrás más búsquedas orgánicas que de tus páginas estáticas

Como resultado, querrás identificar distintas formas de colocar contenido cerca del home page de tu sitio web (lo que conservará adhesión de tus links de posts en la página principal), así como querrás también encontrar la forma de que tengas links a tus p osts anteriores en tus páginas nuevas.

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The Team

Happines is not a goal, it is a by-product

– Eleanor, Rooevelt

Talking about marketing, We help companies get business from search engines; yes, as simple as that; but we know always this leads to you to the follow up question “How do you do that?� The explanation is that SEO is primarily three activities; 1) creating content, 2) building high quality links (I used to just say “building links� but when there are thousands of companies building bad links and doing all sorts of harm in the process, I have to qualify my statement), and 3) analyzing results and adjusting accordingly.

If you’re looking to hire an SEO firm you want to know real details before you shell out several thousand dollars per month. But it’s often hard to get those details from an SEO firm. This isn’t because the SEO firm doesn’t want to tell you what they’re doing, but because it’s hard to know where to start without going into a two-hour long explanation that is sure to make your eyes glaze over. With Us, you never will have a black page on this job; always will be glad to explain all this.

Our IT Team Leaders coordinate and delegate the responsibilities of all your projects. We are equipped with new knowledge and skills to remain current.

Our leaders consider the abilities and expertise of the team members to assist in dispersing assignments. We have specialities such as networking, security, administration, data entry, software programming, web development, data testing, product and services provider.

Our functions may include:

• Keep abreast of changes in the standards, technologies or methodologies
• Carry out operative and administrative functions
•  Risk assessment and risk management
• Give direction and guidance
• Coach and mentor team members
• Review assignments for accuracy and quality
•  Delegate responsibilities
• Coordinate application of software releases
• Develop and execute company policies
•  Attend meetings, trainings or seminars
• Work with other departments

Collaborative Marketing Is The Next Big Thing

Collaboration Marketing is the process of aligning your company’s interests, resources, and marketing muscle with other like-minded companies to accomplish much more than you might be able to do on your own.

The concept has existed for a long time in advertising. You can open any  airline magazine to find collective ads that promote Top Steakhouses, Top Seafood Restaurants, or even Top Plastic Surgeons.

Basically, the concept allows complementary and similar companies to unite their advertising budgets to cut the cost of a traditional ad by 10x or more (basically, by the number of participants.) The concept isn’t just about just saving money. It also provides collective strength to each participating company’s brand and credibility.

Pulling the top names together dramatically increases the brand recognition, customer value, and customer retention for each. Every time a customer flies to a location where one of the top providers operates, they have a ready-made referral to a good meal…or a good surgical experience?